The Mechanics of Eating

The simple effective mechanics of eating

  1. Slowing time. Time yourself to be sure the meal has taken 20 minutes or more. It takes 20 minutes to recognize the diminishing of hunger.

  2. Experience the food, taste to food. Mindful eating is a bridge toward Intuitive Eating

  3. Normalize bite size

  4. Sip water rather than down several glasses in an effort to curb appetite

  5. Appetite is our best friend and will serve as the guide through this work

  6. Fork down between bites

  7. Order ½ portions and put the other half away. Use mindful eating skills for the half portion that remains

  8. Discontinue to use of air foods or high volume foods for the purpose of “filling up”

  9. Uncover food associations for example, foods eaten for the purpose of comforting or foods that remind the patient of abuse or neglect